7th Melanoma Awareness Week in Poland with contribution of the President of Poland

Artykuł opublikowany: 2018-05-16 00:00:00

Melanoma Academy (www.AkademiaCzerniaka.pl) is a scientific section of the Polish Society of Oncological Surgery.

Melanoma Academy was founded almost eight years ago, and since then, has educated Polish society, healthcare professionals  and decision makers on the disease. Melanoma Awareness Week is one of the activities run by the organization.

This year, the seventh edition of Melanoma Awareness Week, May 14-20, is focused on key signs, features of melanoma – "A child’s play skin check or Melanoma's alphabet”. In six videos, school-aged children explain basic criteria for the diagnosis of melanoma basing on melanoma ABDCE criteria.

The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, has been personally engaged in the campaign, by taking part in selected movies. In one of them, the President checks his mark on the forearm together with a child. Then the President explains that the prevention of melanoma is simple as a child’s play if you know melanoma’s ABCDEs. He also stresses that this simple knowledge can save one’s life.

The President’s participation in the campaign is an element of his contribution to cancer prevention, especially for melanoma, since last year he initiated and signed a bill prohibiting the use of tanning beds for children under the age of 18 and ordering education notes on cancerogenic impact of using tanning beds. This act came into force on February 2018.

All videos are available on Melanoma Academy’s website http://www.akademiaczerniaka.pl/aktualnosci/tydzien-swiadomosci-czerniaka/  and Facebook profile “Znamie! Znamje?” https://www.facebook.com/znamieznamje/inbox/

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